Monday, March 9, 2009

The Water Cycle Song

Today I taught the kids a song to help them remember the water cycle that Miss. Leonard taught us. It is very fun to sing, but may not be the easiest song to learn. We're going to practice, and eventually make a video of our class singing the song. If you'd like to hear the tune you can see it on Teacher Tube, or click here. Here are the words to practice at home. The kids really loved the song, and I've already heard them singing it under their breath.

The Water Cycle Song
Rain and Snow come down
And they hit the ground
Soak into the earth
Or they hang around
In puddles and lakes
They evaporate
Up into the clouds
Where they condensate
Boy it’s cold up there
But they’re unaware
As they grab some dust
And return to us
They precipitate
On land and lakes
It’s the water cycle
Aint it great!


  1. i love the song and i am a 7 grade at millsboro middle school and my name is Sabrina Evanz and we are studying the water cycle right now

  2. awww soo cutee :]