Monday, October 5, 2009

Beanie Baby Reading Strategies

You may have noticed that the kids brought home a bookmark labeled "Stuck on a new word." this is a great reminder of the reading strategies that we've been learning about in class. These are known as Beanie Baby Reading Strategies, although to my first graders, they are simply my reading friends. I wanted to share them so that you can help your child use them when reading. We added a new one today, Flippy Dolphin, so then will be getting new bookmarks. These strategies are for when decoding a word, or for when they come to a word that they don't know. We have posters up of each one, along with the Beanie Baby, and it's so fun to watch them use the strategies. Make sure to watch for the new bookmark coming home soon! For a look at the posters, feel free to email me at

Eagle Eye: Look at the Pictures
Lips the Fish: Get Your Lips Ready
Stretchy Snake: Stretch it Out
Chunky Monkey: Chunk the Word
Skippy Frog: Skip It, Skip It
Tryin' Lion: Try it Again
Flippy Dolphin: Flip the Vowel
Helpful Kangaroo: Ask for Help

Please let me know if you'd like copies of posters, or bookmarks to help you remember these! As the year goes on, we will also be adding Comprehension Beanie Baby Strategies as well. More to come...