Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had quite the day today! It all started when Mrs. Scott arrived to the classroom to find chairs overturned, toys and books spilled, green glitter everywhere, and shamrocks scattered about the room. "Liam the Leprechaun" made a visit last night, and left a big mess in our room. And, he lost his hat. The kids had a great time looking for it, and even writing letters back to Liam. We'll see if he writes back to us. Next we helped a lost leprechaun find his way back to the rainbow by organizing his shamrocks in order, and making equations to match them. We worked on a puzzle packet, which the kids took home to finish. I told them that anyone who returned it to school this week all finished would get a treat, so make sure to keep yours eyes out for it. We ended the day with graphing Lucky Charms, which is Leprechauns breakfast of choice. At the end of the day, we even got to have a few green treats for snack. We had a great day, wore lots of green and had a fantastic time using our imaginations. I sent home our March edition of The Scott Sampler today, so make sure to take a look. Here are some pictures of our day! If you are in the building in the future, make sure to check out the new flat screen the PTC got for us. Our class is now famous on tv! (Check back- more pictures to be added tomorrow!)

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