Monday, March 7, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Where has the time gone? I've blinked and 3 weeks have passed. We have been awfully busy here in first grade, especially with conferences coming up this week. Thank you to everyone for returning your conference papers so quickly. Now please just make sure to make your appointment. Conferences are a critical part of your child's education, and it's so helpful for parents to be involved. If something comes up and you are unable to make it, please call and let me know. Also, please be mindful of others, and try to be on time. Our schedule is very tight so we could accommodate all of the busy schedules, so please be ready when we are.

We have had some big happenings in class, like 100 day, and Valentines Day, so later today I will try to post some pictures. The kids have been doing so well on all of their assessments. I am so happy with all of the progress that they have made. Please make sure you're doing their weekend homework with them. Writing is a big focus of our school this year, so I'm asking you all to work on it at home as well. Please HELP your child hear the sounds in the words, and write them. Please don't go crazy spelling everything for them. Part of becoming a good writer, is trying new words, and developing an independence. I can't wait for you to see what they've done!

Happy Monday! More to come later...

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