Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Conference Wrap Up

Thank you all so much for coming to conferences! We had a FANTASTIC turnout, so I really appreciate it! I just flew in from Philadelphia last night, so I will try to get some recent pic up tonight. Last week just got too crazy.
Few things to remember:
*Thursday is St Patrick's Day so don't forget to have the kids wear green.
*Make sure to check backpacks daily, and return your Monday folder. (Because of my sub yesterday, they didn't go home)
*Read every night and have your child get on IXL as often as possible. We are going to start a weather unit today, so we will be doing a lot of science for the next few months.
*Make sure to sell you cookie dough! Packets are due back after Spring Break, Tuesday March 29th.

Have a great day!

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