Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks Sergeant Velasco!

We had a very special opportunity to have Alex-Ann's dad, Sergeant Velasco join our class last Thursday for a Memorial Day lesson. Ms. Grisham, our student teacher did a lesson on why we celebrate Memorial Day, and then the kids got to meet two Sergeants in the Army. They talked about some of the jobs that they do, showed us some of their cool gear, and even gave out pencils and lanyards. Taryn even got to try on the parachute pack, but had to promise not to pull the cord! ;-) After the visit, the kids did a great job writing letters to the men thanking them for all of their hard work, and for visiting in our class. It was a great experience for the first graders, and we really appreciated their willingness to join us for an afternoon. Thanks so much!

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