Friday, May 1, 2009

Farm to Market Day

Wednesday was Farm to Market day here at MES. This was an event that Sodexo put on for our school. It was a way of bringing some agricutlure and knowledge of food into the classroom. We each visited 4 stations in the gym, and then got to have a great lunch from the A-Z salad bar. They brought in a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet, and the kids did a really good job of trying out new things. It was a fun day and we learned a lot about where our food comes from, and ways we can eat healthier.
Our first station was to meet some Pygmy Goats. We learned all about them, and what they can do to help us. We got to pet the baby goats, and even got to put in our suggestions as to what the babies names should be.

Then we moved to a station where we learned all about the food pyramid. We learned that we really need to strive to have 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Learning about the food pyramid this week, we now know that we should aim for 3-5 servings of vegetables, and 2-4 servings of fruits each day. How can we help make sure that our kids are eating healthy?Our next stations taught us about what kind of foods are grown or made in Oregon. We got to make a "live necklace," which includes a bean that will sprout and grown if kept in the sunlight. Once it sprouts a couple of inches, it can be planted and will continue to produce beans.

At our last station we learned out to make healthy smoothies for a great and easy snack. Check out the quick and easy recipe below, and see what other fun and healthy things you can add.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothies
  • Strawberry Yougurt
  • Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
  • Ripe Banana
  • Little Bit of Milk
Put ingredients in blender and mix until well blended.
Add different fruits, yogurts, and juices for different flavors.

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