Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Martin Luther King

We will be talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week. Please take a few minutes to discuss him with your children. There is a wonderful video on you tube that you can watch {HERE}. This is one of my favorite books about Martin Luther King, it made such a moving and powerful video. The kids loved it today, and would enjoy watching it with you!

Here is our newsletter for this week.

Make sure to drive carefully in this weather and be safe. Are you signed up for Flash Alert yet? Make sure you sign up now! This will send you a text and/or email as soon as the decision is made to cancel or postpone the school day. This information is much faster than waiting for the news. Have a great rest of the (short) week!

For more specifics of the activities we will be doing this week, visit my first grade teacher blog First Grade Fanatics.

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