Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We've been busy...

I can't believe that it is already February! We've been so busy lately, that I've hardly had time to keep up. So much to do, and so little time. There's so much to share, so bare with me.

We recently started a new writing program called Step Up to Writing. We've really been working on building sentences, and have had a huge focus on what makes a complete sentence. The kids should be able to tell you that all sentences must have a WHO and an ACTION. We can add details to our sentences, including a WHAT, WHEN and a WHERE. The kids have really done such a great job at learning how to write proper sentences, and are including capitals, periods and finger spaces. We are now working on transferring this ability when working on their own writing, rather then just when practicing making sentences. I can't wait to watch the growth the rest of the year!

We have just wrapped up a unit on penguins. We learned about where penguins live, what they eat, who their predators are, and many interesting facts about them. We also did some great activites on Martin Luther King Jr. The kids really understand what he is such an important man in history. We even did an egg comparison activity where we compared a brown egg to a white egg. The only difference was of course the color of the egg, and when we broke them apart, you couldn't even tell the difference. The kids loved it, and they really understood that the color of our skin isn't important. We are all special and united because we are all people. It was really great to watch!

This next month we will be learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for Presidents Day, and of course we have all sorts of stuff planned for Valentines Day. Please make sure you send in an empty cereal box by Monday. We still need about 14 more.

In Math we have begun our unit on subtraction. I can not stress enough how important it is for the kids to be practicing their facts on IXL. We will be getting on the computers as a class, but while we wait for our portable lab to be ready, please have the kids practicing at home. Repetition and practice is vital when learning math facts. The computer is such a better tool that constantly running off copies to put in front of the kids. We have all sorts of games that we'll be learning, and we will work on many fact families too. If you need your child's username and password, please let me know immediately. Click HERE for the link to IXL.

A few reminders:
  • Please make sure to send in your BOXTOPS.
  • February Book Order came home, so please return it by Feb. 11th.
  • Our Valentine Party is Monday Feb. 14th at 2:15. Let me know if you'd like to help out.
  • Please make sure to check backpacks nightly. Don't forget to sign the Monday envelope, and check out what's in in. Most information will come home in this.
  • Conferences are coming up in about a month, so be watching for conference schedules in the next few weeks. Please return them asap so we can make adjustments as needed.

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